How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in a Car

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Purchasing a used car comes with a variety of perks, such as its budget-friendly pricing and lower insurance costs. However, the downside is that some used vehicles may come with minor issues left behind by their previous owners. A common problem is the lingering smell of cigarette smoke. Smoke permeates soft surfaces so it remains in the fibers of the upholstery. If you are wondering how to get smoke smell out of a car, you are not alone. That is why the automotive experts at Basil Resale Sheridan & Basil Resale Transit have provided this guide on how to get rid of smoke smell in a car. In just a few simple steps, you can take care of the issue in no time.

Remove Smoke Smell From Car Upholstery

If you have fabric upholstery and are looking to get smoke smell out of a car, try the steps below. The items you will need include baking soda and a vacuum:

  1. Vacuum the upholstery and carpet–Be sure not to miss small cracks and crevices. Old ash may be lingering in those areas.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda over carpet and upholstery–Baking soda is used as an odor neutralizer. Let it sit for a while before removing it.
  3. Take the vacuum and clean up baking soda–Vacuum up the baking soda when it has sat for long enough. If there is an odor that still remains, sprinkle small amounts of baking soda to further get rid of the smell. It may also be beneficial to leave an open box of baking soda in the vehicle overnight so that it has more time to absorb the remaining odor.

Remove Smoke Smell from Car Leather

The steps to get smoke smell out of a car if you have leather upholstery are a bit different.

  1. Choose the right cleaner–In this instance, you will have to find a special cleaner that’s specifically formulated for each vehicle surface.
  2. Clean the surface several times–Smoke has the ability to deeply permeate into the surfaces of your vehicle, so it is likely that you will have to clean the surfaces several times. This helps to ensure you’ve fully removed the scent and residue.

Other Tips on How to Get Cigarette Smell Out of a Car

The upholstery is not the only area to focus on if you are looking to remove smoke smell from a car. You will also need to wipe down your windows, the front and back windshield, and replace the air filter in your car. Cigarette smoke odor can linger in your air vents.

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