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When you come to Basil Resale Sheridan or Basil Resale Transit for an auto repair or any type of maintenance, you’ll find that we deliver the efficient and effective care your model requires to perform at its best. If you need a specific part, our parts center will help you out. Have a question that needs an answer? Check out our collection of service and parts tips! Recently had a fender bender? Head into our collision center. We’ve created a specialized experience at our shop because your vehicle requires special service. For dependable auto service, look no further than Basil Resale Sheridan.

Collision Repair

Care for All Your Automotive Needs

No matter the make or model that you arrive in, our service center will be able to handle any automotive procedure with confidence. For instance, our facility and the technology inside helps us make quick work of oil changes, tire rotations, state inspections, battery replacements, fluid replacements, and brake repairs. If it’s time for your next oil change or car service, set up an appointment at a time that fits into your busy schedule.

If you need a specific car service performed, perhaps a new set of tires as the weather grows cold or an adjustment to your suspension system, we’ll also be happy to assist.

Our staff is composed of certified technicians who understand the subtleties of various models and have spent years honing their craft. Our goal is to be both precise and comprehensive, providing the type of care that your vehicle needs to move gracefully forward into old age. Keeping up with routine auto service tasks ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly for as long as possible.

Specific Centers for Specialized Attention

Not only do we perform routine auto service like an oil change or tire rotation, we also handle more complex issues as well. Accidents happen in the bustle of daily life, and parts begin to wear as the miles roll by. To help address each of these occurrences, we have specialized facilities for parts and collision repair.

Our parts center, for example, houses a variety of pieces for all types of models. This robust stock helps us get your vehicle back on the road quickly. If you happen to be searching for a part that we don’t have available, we’ll gladly order it for you and install it upon arrival.

As for our collision center, exterior repairs are a prevalent aspect. We’ll be sure to iron out any dings, dents, scrapes, or scuffs that may be lingering about. In addition to this though, we’ll take great care to inspect the undercarriage, ensuring there’s no structural compromise that may diminish performance moving forward.


Online Tools & Discounts

In an effort to help boost your value with each trip while also streamlining the auto service process, we have a range of online tools you can explore.

The online scheduler tool is perhaps the most convenient, making it easy to lock in a time that fits within your busy schedule. As you begin to browse our discounts and coupons which change regularly, you’ll see just how much you can save on a new set of tires or an oil change. Auto service is affordable and convenient at Basil Resale Sheridan.

Trust Our Service Center with Your Ride

If you’re searching for an auto service facility that provides esteemed care around Williamsville, Amherst, and Getzville, be sure to check out the Basil Resale Sheridan or Basil Resale Transit facility. Our staff will be awaiting your visit!



Basil Resale Sheridan’s Service Menu

Take a look at some of the many services we offer!

Lube, Oil & Filter
From $32.04*

Performed using premium oil as recommended by all major manufacturers to extend required interval to 5000 miles.

  • Replace engine oil & filter
  • Lubricate vehicle as needed
  • Check & top up all fluid levels
  • Inspect belts and hoses
  • Inspect tires & set pressure
  • Special oils or higher quantities extra
  • Synthetic Oil Change

(see advisor)
Adds extra protection, extends oil change intervals
Includes up to 5 Quarts

Throttle Body Service
From $64.05

Clean idle quality robbing deposits from Throttle

  • Add concentrated cleaner to clean fuel system and fuel sender in tank
  • Remove Air Intake Hose and Clean Throttle Plate
  • Check air filter condition (filter extra if needed)

Induction System Service
From $99.08

Restores lost performance, fuel economy & idle quality

  • Remove deposits from air intake system
  • Remove deposits from combustion chamber
  • Remove air intake hose and clean throttle plate and bore
  • Add concentrated cleaner to fuel system
  • Check air filter condition (filter extra if needed)

Spark Plug Service
4 Cyl From $69.09
6 Cyl From $89.11
8 Cyl From $109.13

Restores lost performance, fuel economy & idle quality

  • Remove & inspect spark plugs
  • Inspect ignition components
  • Platinum or Specialty plugs extra

**Coil on plug and models requiring manifold removal at extra cost. Please see Service Advisor

Tire Rotation
From $20.04

Ensure maximum tire life and ensure safety

  • Inspect tire condition
  • Rotate as per recommendations
  • Perform visual brake and undercarriage check

Tire Rotation & Balance
From $49.08

Restores lost performance, fuel economy & idle quality

  • Inspect tire condition
  • Computer Balance tires
  • Rotate as per recommendations
  • Perform visual brake and undercarriage check
  • Dual Wheels Extra

Cabin Air Filter Replacement
From $59.02

  • Replace plugged filter
  • Replace filter
  • Check operation of heat and A/C System

Wheel Alignment
2 Wheel – From $89.95
4 Wheel – From $99.95

Ensure handling, reduce tire wear, and maximize fuel economy

  • Road test vehicle
  • Attach alignment equipment and check angles
  • Record readings and perform adjustments as needed
  • Estimate any additional repairs

Power Steering Flush
From $79.05

Removes contaminated fluid and restores smooth operation

  • Perform visual check of power steering components
  • Check belt condition and adjustment
  • Add cleaner to system
  • Remove contaminated fluid and replace with new

Fuel Filter Replacement
From $59.05

Restore proper fuel flow and protect fuel pump from premature failure

  • Inspect Fuel lines and tank
  • Replace Filter
  • In tank and special applications extra

Major Cooling System Service
From $108.08

Cleans deposits and replaces worn out, contaminated coolant

  • Check coolant level and condition
  • Inspect belts, hoses, and other cooling system components
  • Check for leakage or seepage
  • Add system flush
  • Perform complete coolant exchange
  • Add coolant fortifier and seal conditioner

Includes up to 2 gallons of coolant

Transmission Flush
From $139.10

Remove wear-causing contaminants and replace worn out fluid

  • Add cleaning detergent and connect flush machine
  • Perform complete fluid exchange with conditioner (up to 12 quarts of Multi-vehicle fluid)
  • Synthetic or special fluids extra
  • Road test and check operation

Brake System Inspection
From $39.05

Check for needed repairs or maintenance

  • Remove all 4 wheels and check for needed repairs

    Brake System Maintenance
    From $85.12

    • Replace contaminated corrosive fluid with new
    • Remove contaminated fluid from reservoir
    • Exchange all old fluid with new
    • Bleed system as required



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