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How to Trade In a Car

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Searching the web to find out “how to sell my car?” When you choose to trade in your car at a dealership like Basil Resale Sheridan, you do not have to deal with the stress of selling your car on your own. What’s more? You also have the opportunity to apply the value of your vehicle to the purchase of a new-to-you vehicle at our dealership. A common question we hear at Basil Resale Sheridan is “How much is my car worth?” Try our value-your-trade tool! When you trade in your vehicle at Basil Resale Sheridan, you can feel completely confident that you are getting a great deal. Learn how to trade in a car and how you can get started today!

Value Your Trade-In Vehicle

Wondering “How much is my car worth?” Before you can trade in your vehicle, you need to find out how much it is worth. Not sure how to value my trade? Basil Resale Sheridan makes this step convenient. You can value your trade right from the comfort of your home in Amherst with our online tool. Simply enter in a bit of information about your vehicle as well as provide a description of its condition, and you will be given an estimate. After receiving your estimate, visit Basil Resale Sheridan to verify the offer. It’s never been easier to value your trade.

Get an Appraisal of Your Vehicle

Now that you know how to “value my trade,” it’s time to have your vehicle appraised in person. To verify the offer you were given online, one of our experts will examine your car’s condition from top to bottom. We will also take a look at our current used inventory to determine whether we can sell the vehicle. When you visit, be sure to have your trade-in value estimate on hand (as well as any other trade-in offers you may have received) for our reference. These other trade-in offers can help in the negotiation process.

Accepting the Offer

After the vehicle has been appraised, you have the option to negotiate the offer or accept the offer as is. It’s just one of the many reasons to trade in your vehicle at a dealership. If you accept the offer, you can finalize the deal for cash or use that amount toward one of our outstanding pre-owned vehicles. Benefits of used cars include:

  • Lower starting price
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Less worry about depreciation
  • More diverse selection – including options under $10k

Learn More About How to Trade in a Car at Basil Resale Sheridan

Still wondering “How to trade in my car?” If you still have questions about how to trade in a car, or you want to get the process started, reach out to the team at Basil Resale Sheridan. We look forward to assisting you soon. Try our value-your-trade tool today to compare our price to other trade-in offers.

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