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Lube, Oil & Filter
Performed using premium oil as recommended by all major manufacturers to extend required interval to 5000 miles.
  • Replace engine oil & filter
  • Lubricate vehicle as needed
  • Check & top up all fluid levels
  • Inspect belts and hoses
  • Inspect tires & set pressure
  • Special oils or higher quantities extra
Synthetic Oil Change
(see advisor)
Adds extra protection, extends oil change intervals
  • Includes up to 5 Quarts
Throttle Body Service
Clean idle quality robbing deposits from Throttle
  • Add concentrated cleaner to clean fuel system and fuel sender in tank
  • Remove Air Intake Hose and Clean Throttle Plate
  • Check air filter condition (filter extra if needed)
Induction System Service
Restores lost performance, fuel economy & idle quality
  • Remove deposits from air intake system
  • Remove deposits from combustion chamber
  • Remove air intake hose and clean throttle plate and bore
  • Add concentrated cleaner to fuel system
  • Check air filter condition (filter extra if needed)
Spark Plug Service
4 Cyl from $69.09
6 Cyl from $89.11
8 Cyl from $109.13
Restores lost performance, fuel economy & idle quality
  • Remove & inspect spark plugs
  • Inspect ignition components
  • Platinum or Specialty plugs extra
  • **Coil on plug and models requiring manifold removal at extra cost. Please see Service Advisor
Tire Rotation
Ensure maximum tire life and ensure safety
  • Inspect tire condition
  • Rotate as per recommendations
  • Perform visual brake and undercarriage check
Tire Rotation & Balance
Restores lost performance, fuel economy & idle quality
  • Inspect tire condition
  • Computer Balance tires
  • Rotate as per recommendations
  • Perform visual brake and undercarriage check
  • Dual Wheels Extra
Cabin Air Filter Replacement
from $59.02
Replace plugged filter
  • Replace filter
  • Check operation of heat and A/C System
Wheel Alignment
2 Wheel - $79.15
4 Wheel - $89.20
Ensure handling, reduce tire wear, and maximize fuel economy
  • Road test vehicle
  • Attach alignment equipment and check angles
  • Record readings and perform adjustments as needed
  • Estimate any additional repairs
Power Steering Flush
Removes contaminated fluid and restores smooth operation
  • Perform visual check of power steering components
  • Check belt condition and adjustment
  • Add cleaner to system
  • Remove contaminated fluid and replace with new
Fuel Filter Replacement
Restore proper fuel flow and protect fuel pump from premature failure
  • Inspect Fuel lines and tank
  • Replace Filter
  • In tank and special applications extra
Major Cooling System Service
Cleans deposits and replaces worn out, contaminated coolant
  • Check coolant level and condition
  • Inspect belts, hoses, and other cooling system components
  • Check for leakage or seepage
  • Add system flush
  • Perform complete coolant exchange
  • Add coolant fortifier and seal conditioner
  • Includes up to 2 gallons of coolant
Transmission Flush
from $139.10
Remove wear causing contaminants and replace worn out fluid
  • Add cleaning detergent and connect flush machine
  • Perform complete fluid exchange with conditioner (up to 12 quarts of Multi-vehicle fluid)
  • Synthetic or special fluids extra
  • Road test and check operation
Brake System Inspection
Check for needed repairs or maintenance
  • Remove all 4 wheels and check for needed repairs
Brake System Maintenance
Replace contaminated corrosive fluid with new
  • Remove contaminated fluid from reservoir
  • Exchange all old fluid with new
  • Bleed system as required

I had a wonderful experience with Basil at Sheridan. They took care of me from not being able to travel too far to get it. Gave me everything I asked for. Had a bit of trouble negotiating, but they won me over with how they took care of me. Called me and kept me up to date at every move. I will definitely send my family there!

Nancy S.    

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